Safe and effective pest control treatments for most pests by local fully licensed and insured owner operator with 20+ years experience.

Full QBCC licensing (Lic No. 1163812), Queensland Health Pest Management Technician Licensing (PMT Lic No. 13785) and General and Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Servicing the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Latest odour free branded pesticides. Safe for people and pets. 

End of lease specialists. CLICK HERE for more info.

Money Back Guarantee!

Industry standard warranties.

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End of Lease

We specialise in end of lease pest control
for vacating tenants. 

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Prolific breeders that spread
disease and cause damage.

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1 in 3 homes are attacked by termites at some stage!
Your insurance will NOT cover the damage!

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General Pest Control

Safe and effective annual
general pest treatments

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Nothing you are trying working?
Contact us for a guaranteed solution!

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There was a redback on the dunny seat,
when I was there last night! OMG!

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Stop sharing your home with these
disease ridden pests!

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Spreading lime on the ground will NOT kill fleas!
In fact it makes treating them more difficult!

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Wasps can sting over and over again and
a colony can grow to 50000 in one Summer!

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