200% Money Back Guarantee
200% Money Back Guarantee

200 % Money Back Guarantee

Let's be up front here. You don't know us from a bar of soap.

We could be just another one of those dodgy tradies who promises you the world and gives you an atlas!

Should I risk it you ask yourself. What if it doesn't work?

Seriously I understand your trepidation.

Look we've been doing this for more than 20 years so we are not in the business of ripping people off.

We want to fix your pest problem and we are 100% sure we will do it.

It's why we offer our famous 200% Money Back Guarantee.

Here's the deal.

If we take your pest job and we cannot get rid of your pest problem and we come back and do whatever is necessary to ensure your problem is sorted AND the pests still keep coming back then we'll happilly give you your money back-AND THEN DOUBLE IT!

No questions asked!

You can then take that money and pay another Pestie to see if they can fix your problem.

How fair is that?

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