End of lease pest control Brisbane
End of lease pest control Brisbane

End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane

Let’s face it at the end of the day there are just way too many things to worry about when you vacate your rental property right?

Endless documents and lists of what your real estate needs you to do-not to mention the removalists not returning your call and and all the 'stuff' you didn't realise you had!

Get peace of mind by contacting us to handle your pest control obligations at the end of your rental tenancy.

We specialise in end of lease pest control across these Brisbane suburbs.

We have done 1000’s of treatments for all sorts of tenants (and property managers) for over 20 years!

Whether its a flea treatment or a general pest control we'll ensure that at least this part of your vacate is sorted.

So what do I need to do?

  1. Check the ‘Special Terms’ section of your General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) or similar document. This is where it will generally state what pest control you need to carry out at the end of your tenancy.
    For example
    “A flea and tick treatment must be carried out by a professional pest controller and a receipt provided upon vacating the property. This treatment must come with a 3 month warranty”
    “If birds or animals have been kept at the premises, to pay for the premises to be fumigated and deodorised by a professional fumigator”
  2. Or call/email your property manager and confirm what needs to be done.
  3. Get in touch with us and book your service


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Common Questions

Do I have to be there when you do the treatment?

As long as we can get access we can leave the paperwork on the kitchen bench or email it too you (payment required prior via bank transfer or leave cash in kitchen drawer).

We will lock door behind us when we leave.

Do I have to wait around until you are finished the treatment?

Of course not! Most of our clients meet us at the property and then leave once they have the paperwork for their property manager.

Do I book you before or after the cleaners?

Always have the pest treatment done AFTER all the moving,cleaning and yard maintenance has been carried out. In other words do the pest control just before you hand the keys back to your real estate agent/landlord.

Do you provide a receipt?

Of course! And a treatment certificate.

Do you provide a warranty?

Of course. All end of lease treatments come with a 3 month free service call warranty. We’ll re treat any re infestation of treated pests as per the treatment certificate.

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