200% Money Back Guarantee


We offer the following service warranty on all our pest services (except end of lease treatments).

Internal-12 months

External-3 months

This applies to the treated pest only as per the original service.


Our 200% Money Back Guarantee

So what does this mean?

Essentially if you experience a reinfestation of any treated pests within the above timeframes we will re visit and re treat the problem pest/area.

If this again fails to fix the problem we'll give you back TWICE what you originally paid!

We are all about fixing your pest problem the first time. We take the time to diagnose the problem and then offer the best long term solution for elimination and control.

Rarely are we ever called back to a job

Common Question

Why am I still seeing bugs after you have treated?

Bugs are everywhere. We live in a generally warm/moist environment-perfect for bugs. Pest treatments are all about eliminating infestations and then keeping pest populations under control.

You will NEVER eliminate all bugs from the environment!

Keep in mind our service warranty applies to a re infestation of the treated pest i.e. if we treat for german cockroaches and the re infestation returns then the service warranty will obviously apply.